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If you need to stay in hospital, the Hospital Cash Plan from Roojai will cover you for extra expenses. Choose up to Rp2 million cash per day with several options for even more peace of mind. Prices start from only 14 thousand IDR/month.

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Hospital Cash Plan insurance with
Check out the unique benefits of Hospital Cash Plan at

Check out the unique benefits of Hospital Cash Plan insurance:

  1. Your daily cash benefit is determined by your chosen plan not by your actual medical expenses - even if your expenses are less.
  2. You can also submit a claim even if your hospital costs are covered by another insurance (double claim).
  3. Hospital Cash Plan insurance can serve as a substitute for loss of income whilst in hospital.

Take two minutes to build your own coverage and check the price in a just few clicks. No personal data required.

What makes Roojai Hospital Cash Plan different?

Our Hospital Cash Plan is the first online health insurance in Indonesia where you pick what you need and don't pay over the odds. (see details below).

What makes Roojai Hospital Cash Plan at different
  • Choose the daily cash allowance that best covers your inpatient treatment, then build your own coverage to suit your budget.
  • Select additional options such as cash for surgery, intensive care and follow-up treatment for extra financial protection.
  • Need a lower price? Simply choose the number of days whilst in hospital you are happy to pay the expenses yourself (deductible).
  • Did not make a claim during the year? Be happy and get a discount on your renewal premium (no claim bonus).

The Roojai Promise: simple, affordable, and reliable

Getting covered, renewing and claiming is just a matter of a few minutes! Enjoy 24/7 control over your policy and claims with a few clicks on MyAccount on our website. Roojai is 100% online and designed to maximize customer satisfaction. That is why we are rated 4.9/5 by our 120,000 customers in Thailand!

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Hospital Cash Plan Insurance FAQs*

*Check the HCP product terms and conditions for complete details.

  1. The insured must be 1-60 years old, but you can extend to 65 years old.

  2. You can customize your protection based on your needs:

    • Do you need to top up your current health insurance cover for inpatient treatment or are you worried you will suffer a loss of income whilst in hospital? Get our Daily Cash for hospitalization.
    • Do you want to protect yourself from costly surgery? Get our additional coverage for Surgical Cash.
    • Do you want to protect yourself from even higher cost of intensive care? Select Daily Cash Intensive Care.
    • Think you might need treatment after your hospitalization? Add Follow Up Care.
    • Are you happy to pay for the cost of one or more days in hospital and want to reduce your premium? Adjust the Deductible Period for Daily Cash (Hospitalization and ICU).
  3. Our products are the among most comprehensive insurance products on the market. However, some standard insurance exclusions do apply, for example for pre-existing illnesses or injuries and other conditions. Check the product terms and conditions for full details.

    1. Take 30 seconds to answer a few simple questions
      Click get quote and answer a few simple questions with a few clicks to help us offer the best-suited benefits and premium to you. With Roojai you do not have to provide any medical certificates to get covered.
    2. Build your own coverage
      Customize your cover to suit your budget and lifestyle. Roojai offers some of the most comprehensive insurance plans on the market with many options to suit your requirements. You only pay for what you need. If you'd like extra guidance, our advisors will be happy to help.
    3. Choose your payment method and start your coverage
      Choose the most convenient payment method for you: Using credit card, debit card, bank transfer or virtual account. Enjoy immediate access to your policy in MyAccount on our website after you receive our welcome email.
  4. At Roojai getting covered does not require a medical check up - buying our insurance is 100% online. Just make sure you answer our questions truthfully because the information you provide is the basis for your premium and insurance contract. For full details see the product terms and conditions.

  5. Roojai offers you 3 convenient payment methods - choose the one that is best for you. The 3 payment options are:

    • Credit card
    • Debit card
    • Bank transfer or virtual account
  6. After the payment, we will send you a payment confirmation and welcome e-mail with the insurance policy number and the policy start date. All your insurance documents are available online 24/7 in MyAccount on our website.

  7. Immediately after your purchase. Roojai will send you an e-mail with the link to MyAccount where you can access your e-policy 24/7. If you choose the non e-policy option, we will send the documents to your address within 10 working days. Help us save the environment by choosing an e-policy!

  8. You can choose the deductible for hospitalization on our website. Roojai will deduct the waiting period days from the period of days you were hospitalized. The more waiting days you allow us to deduct from your hospitalization, the bigger your premium discount. For example:
    If you chose 1 day and you were hospitalized for 2 days, you will receive cash payment for one day only but your premium will be lower.

  9. If you do not make a claim during the active period of your HCP insurance, we will give you a big discount at renewal.

  10. Roojai has simplified the claims process for you. Just download the simple claim form, fill it out and send it together with your medical documents to or to our office address. The claims form contains the list of required documents. If additional documents are needed, we will notify you. For more details, see our “How to Claim” page.

  11. The Roojai claims process is easy and fast: You can submit the claim after being discharged from Roojai hospitals partner. Roojai will process your claim after we have received your complete documents through e-mail and/or to our office address, we* will pay your approved claim within 10 working days. Just make sure to visit one of our trusted hospitals to get the best treatment and an easy claim. For more details, see our “How to Claim” page usted hospitals to get the best treatment and an easy claim. For more details, see our here.
    *on behalf of the insurance company.

  12. Roojai* will transfer the approved claim amount to your personal bank account within 10 working days from the date we received all required documents. See the full details in the product terms and conditions.
    *Roojai on behalf of the insurance company.