What vouchers can I redeem with Roojai Rewards points?

At the moment, the Roojai Reward loyalty program points can be redeemed for Tokopedia and Pertamina vouchers (applicable at Pertamina's gas station with code number 31). The list of rewards will continue to grow over time. By being a member of this insurance program, you can redeem rewards and take advantage of other benefits that the program offers.

Redeem rewards with Roojai.co.id

How to earn points on Roojai’s insurance reward program?

You can earn Roojai Rewards points by purchasing our comprehensive car insurance product. Based on your total premium and the main driver’s profile, you may be eligible for up to 1,500,000 points which is worth IDR 1,500,000. Not all profiles will be eligible to receive a reward. You can see whether you qualify and for how much, by checking your car insurance premium. In the future, we will also offer additional programs where you may be eligible to earn extra Roojai Reward points.

How to redeem Roojai Rewards points?

Currently, to redeem rewards from purchasing Roojai’s comprehensive car insurance, Roojai Contact Center team will call you to confirm which vouchers you want to redeem. Depending on your choice, we will either send the physical voucher to your address,or an e-voucher to your email address. In the future, you will be able to collect and redeem the points at your MyAccount. Find out how to buy car insurance to collect Roojai Rewards.

How calculate how many Roojai’s redeem reward points I will get?

There are some factors that could affect the Roojai Rewards points calculation, such as:

  1. Car Brand/Model/Sub-Model (Variant)
  2. Year of Manufacture
  3. Car Mileage
  4. Car’s Claim History in the last 12 months
  5. Car Usage
  6. Main driver’s profile

Does Roojai offer health insurance loyalty programs?

Currently, we don’t offer health insurance with rewards. Roojai Rewards is only available for car insurance. However, we will let you know once health insurance rewards programs are available for you.

What are the terms and conditions of Roojai Rewards?

  1. This promotion is only valid for customers of auto insurance loyalty programs.
  2. Customers are deemed eligible to earn Roojai Rewards based on their risk profile and on whether their car inspection has been approved.
  3. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions.
  4. Roojai Rewards cannot be transferred to any third party or exchanged into cash.
  5. Roojai reserves the right to ask for the return of points, or to deduct the equivalent sum from the customers in any case of cancellation of the policy by the customer.
  6. Roojai reserves the right to cancel or terminate any request which does not comply with the stated terms and conditions, as well as the right to amend or revise any terms and conditions without prior notice.
  7. In case of disputes, the company's decision is deemed final.
  8. If you have further questions, please call 021 5089 0821 (Mon-Fri 8:00-20:00, Saturday and Public Holidays 09:00-18:00).


Loyalty program

A promotion program given by the company to loyal customers in the form of rewards.

Cancellation of the policy

The customer decides/terminates the contract agreement and insurance agreement by completing several procedures that must be done.

Car usage

The frequency and periodicity of using your car within a specified period.