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What is a critical illness?

A critical illness is a serious medical condition that can have a significant impact on a person's life. It can affect the functioning of vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, or others. This can severely affect a person's ability to do their daily activities. Treatment for critical illness can be intensive and lengthy and can also be very expensive.

What is critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides financial protection when you face serious illness. It covers a wide range of critical illnesses such as cancer, melanoma, kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes, and other severe diseases. If you are diagnosed with one of these illnesses while your policy is active, the insurance company will pay you a lump sum amount. This money can be used to cover the costs of medical treatment, lost income, and other expenses that may arise as a result of your illness.

What is the difference between critical illness insurance and health insurance?

Critical illness insurance and health insurance are both types of insurance that can help protect you financially in the event of a medical emergency. However, there are few differences between the two types of insurance:

  1. Insurance Coverage
    Health insurance policy covers wider range of minor and major illnesses, including some of the critical conditions. However, the policy limits of health insurance might not be as high as critical illness insurance.

    Critical illness coverage offers higher policy limits and provides a lump sum to cover your expenses the way you see fit, including the loss of income. Rest assured, critical illness coverage will provide you with the financial support and cover expenses and medical treatments you need if you are diagnosed with one of the listed illnesses.
  2. Claim
    A health insurance policy can directly cover your medical expenses or be reimbursed later. For example, your doctor’s visits might be covered if you get a flu.
    Alternatively, critical illness coverage will pay out a lump sum, if you are diagnosed with a critical illness listed in your insurance policy. Once your insurance claim is approved, you will receive a direct cash payment from your insurance provider.
  3. Protection Purposes
    Regular health insurance can help you cover the cost of casual medical expenses such as doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription drugs. You can use the policy to cover expenses when you start feeling sick.
    Critical illness insurance protects you against the financial burden of a serious illness. If you are diagnosed with a covered condition, such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke. Critical illness insurance is especially important for people with families, as it can help to ensure that their loved ones are financially secure.

Why do you need critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance from Roojai is a form of protection for people who are worried about their future and want to financially protect themselves and their families from unexpected expenses in case they are diagnosed with serious illnesses.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to buy a critical illness insurance policy:

  1. Reliable financial protection: Critical illness insurance financially supports you in the most challenging times if you face critical illnesses like cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and other acute conditions. You won't need to worry about the high medical expenses and treatments or specialized care required during recovery. For example, if you've been diagnosed with coronary artery disease that is covered by critical illness policy, you may use the cash benefit from your insurance policy to pay for angioplasty.
  2. Additional benefits to your health insurance: Critical illness insurance is a valuable addition to your current medical insurance or government healthcare coverage, such as BPJS. It can provide a lump sum of money if you are diagnosed with a severe illness such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, or kidney failure, even if other insurance has already covered your treatment expenses. This means you can focus on your recovery without worrying about unexpected costs.
  3. Affordability: Critical illness insurance is a cost-effective way to protect yourself financially from the risks associated with critical illnesses. Roojai offers the most affordable and comprehensive critical illness insurance plans in Indonesia. You can easily get an online insurance quote and purchase your customized insurance plan that meets your needs and budget.
  4. Worry-free future: Standard health insurance plans might not cover the latest medical treatments, which can be expensive. Critical illness insurance will provide enough money to cover your medical treatments and other related expenses.

What illnesses are covered by critical illness insurance?

Roojai’s critical illness insurance policy covers a total of 103 diseases in the following 5 categories:

  1. Cancer: 79 different cancers covered, including all types of invasive cancer (cancer developed in adjacent tissue) such as carcinoma, sarcoma, leukemia, lymphoma, brain, and spinal, and other types of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer, cervix cancer, skin cancer, bladder cancer, and more.
  2. Neurological diseases: 11 different diseases covered, including coma from either illness or accident, including Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, paralysis arising from these conditions, vegetative coma (Apallic Syndrome), aneurysm microsurgical clipping, artery bypass and occlusion, flow diversion with stents, and endovascular coiling.
  3. Cardiovascular diseases: 5 critical cardiovascular diseases, and a wide range of conditions such as heart attack, ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, and coronary artery disease. Also covers medical treatments such as: coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), insertion of a pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), maze surgery, heart transplant, insertion of a ventricular assist device (VAD) or total artificial heart (TAH).
  4. Kidney Failure: 3 chronic kidney conditions such as chronic kidney failure, kidney transplant and kidney dialysis.
  5. Mosquito-borne diseases: 5 diseases including malaria, dengue, chikungunya, zika, yellow fever.

In case you are diagnosed with a critical illness from categories 1-4, Roojai will pay a lump sum from IDR 100 million up to IDR 1 billion, based on your policy. However, for category 5 you will receive cashless treatment. You can find more details on the critical illness insurance policy details page.

What is excluded from a critical illness insurance policy with Roojai?

Roojai’s critical illness insurance has some general exclusions, all exclusions are listed in critical illness insurance policy, and include:

  1. Pre-existing conditions – you are diagnosed with the medical condition before you purchased the critical illness insurance policy.
  2. Congenital conditions – medical conditions you were born with.
  3. Treatment, chronic disease, or complications resulting from plastic or reconstructive surgery.
  4. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is caused by an infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), opportunistic microorganism infection, malignant neoplasm, disease, or any illness the blood test result reveals as being HIV positive.
  5. The abuse or the consequences of the abuse of intoxicants or hallucinogenic substances such as drugs and alcohol, including smoking cessation, nicotine addiction treatment, or any other substance abuse or services, or supplies.

For further details about the critical illness insurance exclusions, please visit our terms and conditions.

Why buy critical illness insurance with Roojai?

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
    We offer comprehensive coverage for over 100 types of critical illnesses in 5 categories: cancer, neurological diseases, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and mosquito-borne diseases.
  • High sum insured
    Roojai offers insurance policies with high sum insured limits, starting from IDR 100 million to IDR 1 billion. You can choose policy limits according to your needs and financial capabilities.
  • Pay in instalments
    You can pay insurance premiums in 12 instalments to manage your finances easily. Critical illness insurance premiums from Roojai start as low as IDR 50,000 per month.
  • Cashless treatment
    If you are diagnosed with a mosquito-borne disease, you can receive cashless treatment at our network of partner hospitals. Roojai will pay for your medical treatment directly to the hospital, so you don't have file an insurance claim.
  • Fewer insurance exclusions
    We cover more conditions compared to other insurance companies. Our list of critical illness exclusions is limited to “potential” cancer (ie. borderline or pre-malignant tumor, and non-invasive cancer), and cancer caused by HIV. Neurological diseases exclusions are limited to impairments caused by alcohol, drug abuse, or psychological disorders.
  • Insurance coverage for early-stage cancer
    If you are diagnosed with early-stage cancer (T1 & T2), we will provide 25% of the sum insured to help you with your treatment. If your cancer progresses to the late-stage (T3 & T4), we will pay the remaining (75%) of the sum insured. If you are diagnosed with late-stage cancer (T3 & above) at the time of diagnosis, we will pay 100% of the sum insured.
  • Customizable critical illness insurance coverage
    Roojai gives you the flexibility to customize your critical illness insurance coverage that fit your needs. You can choose to cover 1 and up to 5 categories of critical illnesses, and you can specify different policy limits for each category.
  • Network of partner hospitals
    Roojai has partnered with over 2,000 hospitals across Indonesia to simplify your claim process, so you don’t have to worry and can focus on recovery.
  • Simple claim process
    Our customers can make a claim via phone or email. The required documents also only need to be sent via email, so the claim process is very simple, fast and paperless.
  • 4.9/5 customer satisfaction rate
    Roojai has been trusted by 300+ customers and received a lot of positive feedback for providing the best service.

How to buy critical illness insurance online at Roojai?

Roojai’s critical illness insurance policy is a great way to protect your family financially and you can easily make a purchase online in just 5 minutes, following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Roojai website and click on the “Critical illness insurance” icon on Roojai’s homepage.
  2. Honestly answer a few questions about your age, health, medical history, and lifestyle habits.
  3. Select a critical illness insurance plan that meets your needs, budget, and lifestyle.
  4. Click the “Get covered now” button and enter your email address and phone number. You can also request to receive an insurance quote to your email.
  5. Choose a convenient payment method such as a credit card or virtual account. You can pay the insurance premium in full or by instalment plan. Roojai is happy to provide additional support if you need help with payment.
  6. Submit proof of income (If required). Roojai may require you to submit proof of income before activating your insurance policy. You can submit the copy of your recent salary slips or bank statement. If your document is approved, then our team will send you a confirmation email and your policy will be activated.
  7. Once you have successfully purchased critical illness insurance policy from Roojai, you can access your e-policy via MyAccount. Alternatively, you can request a hard copy of your insurance policy to be mailed to your address within max. 10 working days.

How much does a critical illness insurance policy cost?

The cost of critical illness insurance policy depends on your profile and the coverage plan you choose. Roojai offers critical illness insurance with affordable monthly premiums starting from IDR 50,000.

How to pay insurance premium at Roojai?

Roojai offers a variety of advanced payment methods for your convenience. You can pay using the following payment options:

  • Credit card
  • Virtual account transfer

You can also pay in 12-months instalments to manage your spending easier with a credit card or virtual account. For further information you can visit How to Pay.

How to file a critical illness insurance claim at Roojai?

  1. If you are feeling unwell and suspect that you may have some form of illness, disease or underlying condition, visit a doctor for a checkup at the nearest hospital.
  2. Consult with a doctor about your symptoms. Once you have been diagnosed with cancer or any other covered critical illness, you can download the claim form from Roojai’s website.
  3. Fill out the insurance claim form along with the required documents. Make a claim through email at medicalclaims@roojai.co.id or call 021 5089 0822 if you need assistance.
  4. Wait for Roojai agents to review your insurance claim and supportive documents. We will notify you on the claim status via email.
  5. If your insurance claim was successful, and no further medical verification is required, you will receive the lump sum payment to your bank account within 30 working days.

How to file mosquito-borne disease insurance claim?

  1. If you experience symptoms of malaria, dengue, chikungunya, zika, or yellow fever, have a check up at Roojai’s hospital network.
  2. Register at the hospital, and make sure to bring ID and Roojai’s Care Card.
  3. Get a doctor’s confirmation and sign off on any required forms and insurance claim forms. The medical personnel should process your insurance claim, and Roojai will cashlessly cover all the expenses.

What is the critical illness insurance waiting period?

The waiting period for critical illness insurance can vary depending on the specific illness that is covered. For example, the waiting period for cancer, neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic kidney failure is 90 days. However, the waiting period for mosquito-borne illnesses is only 30 days because these diseases are sudden and often more unexpected than others.

What is the critical illness insurance survival period?

Critical illness insurance policies typically have a survival period, which is the amount of time you must wait after being diagnosed with a critical illness before you can file a claim. For critical illness insurance with Roojai there is no survival period, which means you can file an insurance claim as soon as you got diagnosed with the covered disease, and you will receive a payment within 30 working days if you do not need any further medical verification.

Why do I need critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance provides important financial protection for unexpected medical expenses especially if the cost of healthcare is high and you live in a polluted region or have a high risk lifestyle. Unfortunatelly, the number of critical illness cases is going up in Indonesia as the population ages and more people smoke and struggle with obesity.

Cancer – Cancer is one of the major health problems in Indonesia, with the second highest treatment costs in the country. According to the research of WHO published in 2020, the number of new cancer cases increased by 13,8% from 2018, reaching 397,000. Some of the most common types of cancer in Indonesia include breast cancer and cervical cancer.

Neurological diseases – According to Statista, there are 460,000 people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease in Indonesia in 2020. The number of people facing this illness is expected to grow to 518,000 by 2024. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological condition that requires continuous treatment and long-term rehabilitation therapy.

Heart diseases – Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is one of the major health problems in Indonesia. According to the Makerere University School of Public Health research in 2018, CVD is the leading cause of death in Indonesia accounting for about one-third of all deaths. Based on BPJS Health data the largest healthcare expense is coming for heart diseases, which costs IDR 7.7 trillion.

Kidney failure – The incidence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Indonesia was 0.38% in 2018, according to the Osong Public Health Res Perspect. Over 713,000 people out of a population 252,000,000 suffer from chronic kidney disease. CKD is a serious condition that requires patients to undergo dialysis every two weeks while awaiting for kidney transplantation. Dialysis and organ transplantation are the most expensive medical treatments in Indonesia.

Mosquito-borne diseases – Indonesia had over 600,000 malaria cases in 2019, according to the Healthsains. The disease is caused by mosquito bites and requires hospitalization for 4 to 10 days. The cost of treatments can range from millions up to tens of millions of rupiahs, depending on the severity of the case and the hospital rates.

How to cancel a critical illness insurance policy?

To cancel your critical illness insurance policy with Roojai, you can contact Roojai customer service via email or phone. Roojai will cancel your insurance policy after you confirm your cancellation over a phone call.

Tips for buying critical illness insurance plan

Critical illness insurance can provide financial assistance if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. Here are some tips for choosing the best critical illness insurance fo you:

  1. Find a trusted insurance company: Research a licensed insurance company with an easy claim process and good reviews online. You can also ask your family and friends for advice.
  2. Understand the benefits: Ensure you understand what critical illnesses are covered, medical expenses limits, sum insured, and other benefits in the policy.
  3. Customize the policy to fit your needs: Choose the protection plan based on your health conditions, risk factors, increase limits for specific coverage.
  4. Make sure insurance premium is affordable: You have to pay the premium monthly or yearly, calculate your budget in advance to make payments on time.


Customized insurance plan

Is a type of an insurance plan that you can adjust to fit your specific needs.


Is a treatment to widen narrowed or blocked arteries.

Survival period

Is time period that the insured must live after getting diagnosed with a critical illness that is covered by the critical illness insurance.

Waiting period

Is the amount of time an insured must wait before they can file an insurance claim.

Chronic disease

Is a condition that lasts for a person’s lifetime and can’t be fully cured.

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